Frequency Generator Pro

Frequency Generator Pro

Bogosian Studios
All ages
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Frequency Generator Pro Screen Generate any tone from 1 Hz all the way up to 22’000 Hz and everything in between with the Frequency Generator Pro.

Are you a musician? Want to try to tune your instrument by ear or even just practice? Then this the frequency generator app for you.

Did you know the average human ear can hear from as low as 20 Hz all the way up to the highs of 20 KHz? Test your hearing by playing different frequencies and see how low and how high you can detect the tone!

Oh and don’t worry, the embedded Timer will make sure the noise stops after the designated time and the clean’n’simple interface won’t leave you confused or overwhelmed.

  • Can you guess the tone?
  • Test your hearing.
  • Compare the generated tone with your instrument.
  • Annoy friends and scare away teenagers.
  • Timer that controls how long the tone is played.
  • Simple yet elegant interface.
  • Lightweight.